Steps to delete your account

If you want to delete your account in our application (PARQO – dk.papp.papp) You can log into your account inside the app and

  1. Go to ‘My Account’
  2. Press ‘Delete Account’
  3. Confirm and your account is deleted. 

Bear in my all your data will be anonomyzed or fully removed. 

You cannot delete your account if you have an active permit – therefore you need to cancel all your permits before deleting your account. 


Request account deletion via email

If you by any reason do not have access to our application you can request to delete you account via Email:
Bear in mind, we will need confirmation from you once the email is sent. our colleagues will reach out to you either by email or by phone call. 

Please send an request for account deletion to With your email and Phonenumber, with subject ‘Account Deletion’.  If you only want some of your data deleted, kindly enter which data you want to remove/delete. 


 If you’ve bought some permits inside our application – it is a requirement for accounting purpose to keep who bought the permit for up 5 years, whereby it will automatically deleted afterwards. Please read more about it in our Terms and privacy policy.